Saturday, April 18, 2009

i must say that i'm missing my new things challenge! i still have a lot of things on my list that didn't get done for one reason or another, so i am going to make it my mission to finish those things before i turn 31. i don't think many people even read this blog, but that's ok...i will still come back and blog about my new things.
i've already gotten one thing checked of my list and it's going to lead to a WHOLE BUNCH of new things this year...but i can't tell you until may 6.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

day #365: the BIG finale

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me-e, happy birthday to me!

as mentioned, we were in atlanta this weekend. it wasn't our first time, but we did lots of things we'd never done before.

to get things started right, i wore a "birthday girl" sash all day. i highly recommend that...i had TONS of people saying happy birthday to me all day. some even was great!

we picked up our race packets for tomorrow and got some of free stuff. a Jamaican guy (promoting their marathon which is in december) gave me a free drawstring bag since it was my b-day.

then we went to the King Tut exhibit which my hubby has been dying to see. he LOVES egypt. i thought it was cool too.

afterwards we went to the georgia aquarium. i am now officially going to say that if you've been to one, you've been to them all. i know that this one is the largest in the world, but when all is said and done a fish is a fish. sure, it looked really fancy on the inside, but it was so freakin' crowded it was impossible to enjoy yourself. i swear the fire code for occupancy must have been thrown out the window. anyways, while there i did pet a shrimp which was a little weird. i felt a little bad because they TASTE SO GOOD.

we didn't stay very long at the aquarium. we tried to wait to see the penguins (which apparently are in a secret location) but the line was really long and our feet hurt. they will have dolphin exhibit fall 2010, so it might be worth a trip back.

my favorite part of the day came when we stopped by phipps plaza (the ritziest shopping area in ATL) to visit tiffany's. i marched right in there and told the lady it was my 30th birthday and i couldn't afford anything, but i wanted to try something on. at first she asked if i wanted to try on the biggest diamond...but instead i tried on the most expensive ring in the store. $530,000 and 6 karats total. it was gorgeous!

one of the things on my list was to try on a pair of jimmy choo's...and i had the perfect opportunity since the store was right across from tiff's...but i knew my feet were probably nasty from walking in the instead i had a glass of champagne in the jimmy choo store. i don't even like champagne, but i figured that was a pretty cool thing to do in lieu of a try-on. they had mini cupcakes and cookies too, but i wanted to save room for dinner.

to end the day, we went to dinner and i only waited 30 minutes for a table at Cheesecake Factory. i swear it's always been at least 2 hours. thank goodness it was short because it was a stand-alone meaning we couldn't walk around the mall to kill time. unfortunately, the service was HORRIBLE...which was the case the last time we ate at a (different) CF in atlanta.

so there you have it...i have completed my 365 days of new things. i know there aren't a ton of readers out there, but thank you to the loyal ones :) i got this idea from jen in NYC and although i have left her lots of comments, she has not ever left one on my site. i'm not sure if she has even read it...but JEN...if you're out there...thanks for the inspiration!

i will definitely be updating again. i still have quite a few things on my list to do and i am planning on completing all of them by the end of this year.

Friday, March 27, 2009

day #364: the home stretch

i cannot believe that tomorrow i will be 30 years old!!! we have some exciting things planned this weekend :) but for today...
our student council is raising money for JDRF and today during 4th period all the students came to the gym for something fun. i played in the faculty vs. student basketball game. now you would think that since i am a PE teacher that i would be great at all sports, right? NOT. i am mediocre at best...but i sure try hard. i chose jersey #30 (for obvious reasons) and i played a total of about 4 minutes. (the women and men each played 2 eight minute quarters). it was fun and the staff actually won 40-20!
after school, i rushed home to meet hubby and we packed up to leave for atlanta. on the way, we stopped at moe's for dinner. since i'm on the e-mail list, i got a coupon for a free entree...however, i forgot about said coupon until after we'd i gave my birthday coupon to a stranger. i hope she enjoyed it!
once we got to atlanta, we hung out with friends for a little while and then decided we'd try another new thing. we called to find out their hours and the guy said they were open until midnight. so we tried to go to Gladys Knight's chicken and waffles which i'd seen on the travel channel's "man vs. food". we got there at 11:40 and it was closed! we were so instead we stopped at a convenience store and i tried a red hot smoothie (tastes just like 'em!) and a horchata smoothie (kinda weird). apparently horchata is a Mexican mixture consisting of almonds, rice, cinnamon, sugar, and lime.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

day #363: does anyone tweet?

lately i've been hearing a lot on the news about twitter. apparently everyone is doing it. today i signed up for twitter. i allowed it to look up people in my e-mail address book and it came back with nothing. i don't think i'll be using it...since i have facebook on my phone and everyone i know uses that, i'll just stick to updating my status on that.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

day #362: on trial

i don't want to disclose too many details on here, but today i had a hearing in front of the NC Board of Athletic Training Examiners. i was so fact, i had a nightmare last night that i had to go to the bathroom and completely missed my hearing. there were 6 people on the board...5 were super nice and 1 was a douche bag.
i should be getting a letter soon telling me the outcome. hopefully it goes in my favor.
since i had to take the day off from work to go to this meeting, i worked out at a different YMCA. everyone seems to love that one, but honestly i like the smaller one near my school.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

day #361: i'm supposed to GIVE report cards!

i've worked at bath and body works for over a year and the other day i was informed that i was up for a raise. today i got a one year evaluation which resulted in a 38 cent pay raise. yay!

tonight i watched the first episode of "Friends". i've only ever watched a few episodes here and i definitely had no idea how it all started. i may have to rent all the seasons on netflix since everyone seemed to love it so much. those outfits were hilarious!

Monday, March 23, 2009

day #360: "it ain't so bad when your miniature horse poop is dusty"*

* that's a hilarious line from an episode of "rob and big"

a few weeks ago i noticed that my computer at work is really today i used DustOff on the keyboard and the CPU. man, that can gets REALLY cold after a while!
after i cleaned the computer, i got online and learned how to write my name in chinese. that was really difficult...i'd love to have a Chinese person look at it and tell me if it really says what it's supposed to. i probably didn't do it write and it says something like "i eat cats".

find out your Chinese name at